Phil Upchurch is a guitarist and bassist beyond the genres of Blues, Jazz and R&B.He has recorded 27 albums of his own as well as countless albums as a sideman. Since 1974, Phil began playing and recording with George Benson many times including one of the most well-known Jazz album “Breezin”. He has also performed with Donny Hathaway who is from the same area as him, they playing together in one of the best album in this world “Live”, ”Everything Is Everything” and many others. His melody is composed of accurate rhythm and great depth in single notes. Every single note he creates has meaning and they are well-sophisticated. If you want to enjoy his lead guitar, listen to his guitar instrumental album “Darkness Darkness” which was created with first class musicians and is highly recommended. As a sideman, “Breezin” mentioned above may be a good choice. [Official Website]