Nathan Watts


Nathan Watts is, of course, famous bassist and director of Stevie Wonder. Younger Nathan was inspired by Jazz master “Lee Morgan” and the musical instrument which he chose first was trumpet. A few years later, he was convinced by his friend to play bass in 1972 and only 2 years later, he was appointed as a bassist of the successors of Reggie McBride by Stevie Wonder. His bass itself, makes you excited and improve melodies by not disturbing music. I'm sure you have heard about his memorable phrases before.
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Teamed with him… Paul McCartney, Diana Ross, Lionel Richie, The Jacksons, The Pointer Sisters, The Temptations and many others.
Q.What does music mean to you?...the goodness of life.
Q.What does musical instrument mean to you?...way to share the goodness.
Q.What do you expect of our musical instrument?...Good quality and longevity.

Jack Kreisberg


Jack Kreisberg has been in the record business for over 45 years. He has worked through the years for Buddah Records, Arista Records, CTI Records and Hot Productions, to name a few. In the late 90's, Jack was brought in to the Blue Note Jazz Club in New York City to start a record label for them, called "Half Note Records". In 2001, he won a Latin Grammy Award as Best Producer for the Paquito D'Rivera Quintet CD. During his years at the Blue Note, Jack produced Ben E. King, Lionel Hampton, Irwin Mayfield, Will Calhoun, Grady Tate, Alvin Jones and Miri Ben Ari, among others. In 2005, he left the label to pursue a new position with Showplace Studios as President of their label "Showplace Productions" and produced many performers such as Godfathers of Groove, Bill Easley, Rubin Wilson, Rodney Jones, Bob DeVos, Vince Ector and Chembo, and the list goes on. Jack is still working with many of these artists and stays actively involved with the label.

Roland Guerin


Roland Guerin is a world famous bassist, singer, composer based on New Orleans. He raised in a musical family – his father was a great lover of jazz and classical music, his mother, a blues and zydeco bass player – Guerin began playing bass at the age of 11. Throughout his formative years, Guerin was strongly influenced by pop, rock and R&B music. He is a versatile musician who has also excellent technique and perfect skill to use 7-string bass. His sound is clear, and sharp which resonates with your hearts. Guerin joined the Allen Toussaint Band in 2009, touring and performing with Toussaint until his passing in 2015. [Official Website]
Q.What does music mean to you?
a way of communicating and connecting people all over the world in sharing love, spreading hope and sparking life.
Q.What does musical instrument mean to you?
a direct extension of myself that not only speaks to me but enables me to speak my mind, thoughts and ideas while telling stories of life..
Q.What do you expect of our musical instrument?
I expect your musical instrument to have a sound that not only speaks to me but it enables me to speak to the world and sing stories. I also expect it to be reliable having a sound and feel that inspires me while I’m playing it and even when I look at it.



Kiyoshi Hagiya is a Japanese guitarist who started his career as a professional in 1968. He used to do a concert as a member of Takeshi Inomata & Sound Limited and started studio work. In 1976, he entered Berklee College of Music and after coming back, he played his guitar for the recording by Hiroshi Miyagawa, Norio Maeda, Katsuhisa Hattori and also music channel,commercial, film music as well.
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Teamed with him...Sadao Watanabe, Terumasa Hino, Ron Carter, Shelly Manne and others.

Hirofumi Asaba


Hirofumi Asaba is a young Jazz guitarist drawing attention from all over the world. His playing is influenced by Barney Kessel associates with the West coast.What’s more, his music contains swingin’phrases and rhythm.He has been performing in Detroit jazz festival, a live tour in Taiwan, and domestic Jazz festivals among others. Hirofumi has also been featured on Just Jazz Guitar Magazine, FOX-TV and made the cover of Australia Jazz Guitar newspaper JGSWA. His second album "STOMPIN’ AT THE FAIR" are composed of pleasant songs, and its cover makes you grin if you are a Jazz enthusiast.
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