Vol.12 Guitar publications by Hidesato Shiino [23.Apr.2019]

This page introduces guitar publications by Hidesato Shiino.

All of Folk Guitar D'Angelico Jazz Guitar Hidesato Shiino

All Of Folk Guitar

This is for choosing good folk guitars. It is said that Japanese folk guitar trend began in 1963. Since then, many folk guitars have been produced in Japan. It explains the structure of acoustic guitar, the characters of each of wood, the differences of the sounds of internal and external brand and more details. "All of Folk Guitars" is described in this book.

Guitar Craft D'Angelico Jazz Guitar Hidesato Shiino

Guitar Craft

It is written the methods of repair, modifying, refinishing and adjustment to make your guitars more attractive. All of Folk Guitars is mainly written about acoustic guitars while Guitar Craft is as to Electric guitars in this book. Especially pertaining to repair, there are hidden hints in this book and it will be your bible if you work for guitars.

Paco Parts Book D'Angelico Jazz Guitar Hidesato Shiino

Paco Parts Book

Hidesato Shiino wrote this book as expressing his wish for people to enjoy their guitars by not only playing but also the instruments. Each of the prices, the item number, and the specification are listed in detail into this book. It became a hot topic when displayed in NAMM show.

Excellent guitars D'Angelico Jazz Guitar Hidesato Shiino

Excellent guitars made by us

It describes musical instruments and the sounds based on his history. The content includes the history of musical instruments in the world and how Japanese vintage guitars were made. In addition, there are many stories which you can only read here. It is also written about the necessity of creation and manufacturing. If you are creators regardless of musical instruments, this is something you must read. available for purchase from here!