7 string D’Angelico guitar holder Fumio Yanatake performed with Satoshi Sasaki at the bar called “Montgomery Land” on September 28th.

Fumio Yanatake Satoshi Sasaki D'Angelico Guitars Jazz Guitar Archtop Guitar

It was rare to see the 7 string guitar duo face-to-face(in Japan at least) with a wide range and many stunning varieties.They began their performance with the famous Jazz standard “Just Friends”, next song was ”I Didn't Know What Time It Was” which was covered by famous vocalists such as Frank Sinatra, Sara Vaughan, Ella Fitzgerald and so on.Their sounds and style of playing had different characteristics, but they were communicating through their guitars.

Fumio Yanatake D'Angelico Guitars Jazz Guitar Archtop Guitar
Second stage has started with “Bumpin” written by Wes Montgomery and the blues phrases produced by Fumio, it was absolutely amazing.Satoshi had presented us technical phrases within “Dream Dancing” written by Cole Porter.

Satoshi Sasaki D'Angelico Guitars Jazz Guitar Archtop Guitar
You can watch Fumio’s playing with 7 string D’Angelico guitar in the link below.
Fumio_7 string D'Angelico Guitar

They regularly perform in Japan and please check their website to attend their gigs if you are interested!
Fumio Yanatake⇒http://fumioyanatake.wixsite.com
Satoshi Sasaki⇒https://keisasakiguitar.com/