Vol.3 Encounter with Hauser family[3.Oct.2018]

D'Angelico Jazz Guitar Archtop Guitar Hauser Second Hidesato Shiino

Hidesato Shiino & Hauser the II

I think the first time I visited his house was in 1974. His work shop was located in peaceful village called “Eis-Bach” which takes 30 minutes by foot from the Alps station “Dingolfing” by driving of Hauser the II's car.
He built rational classic guitars which established German style assembling method of construction and his brand was highly trusted by people of that time such as Andrés Segovia.

His guitars characteristics were simple and sturdy, and also required the high technic. Once you get to play its beautiful sound with the projection reaches to every corner of the hall.
Headstock is inserted into neck, body joint is ingeniously designed. Figuratively speaking in cars, it is like a Mercedes-Benz. He and his disciple made about 12 guitars yearly in the simple unmechanized studio.

Several years later, I dropped by his house while driving in Germany. His house was re-built and nearby road was named “Hauser Strate”, he became a prominent man.
Unfortunately, Hauser the II has passed away but his son Hauser the III welcomed me into the house. I talked to him about the good old days and what I had done after meeting Hauser the I. Then after I finished talking, he said

“Why didn’t you visit here earlier!? I was waiting for someone like you! It is very late!”

then he started talking to me about his ideas, designs and so on. We had a lively conversation and I stayed over at his house that day.

John D'Angelico Jazz Guitar Archtop Guitar Hauser Classic Guitar Hidesato Shiino

Hauser III & Hidesato Shiino

His classic guitar is based on Antonio de Torres’s guitar which he built in the late 1800s. Ignacio Fleta, Robert Bouchet and some other famous luthiers succeeded its skill but I and Hauser the III wondered “why must the body be that big?” Then we succeeded to make the smaller model as keeping the same volume as regular classic guitars. We were confident since the much smaller violin can be as loud as the orchestra in the age which there was no PA yet. I inspected and re-designed the prototype of Hauser the third, we decided to make the 2 guitar each, of regular model and long-neck model. (Any manufacturers may be able to sign a contract to build those models, if you are interested, please contact us.)

D'Angelico Jazz Guitar Archtop Guitar Hauser Classic Hidesato Shiino

Hauser classic gut guitar CG-1

D'Angelico Jazz Guitar Archtop Guitar Hauser Classic Hidesato Shiino

Hauser modern steel guitar MS-1

While I was in his house and talking to him, I asked him “As I’ve met many luthiers, I understood that if you make guitars seriously and painstakingly, it leads you in a hard life by small profit, Is that okay for you?” then he replied,

“My father told me that luthier history is the fight against poverty.”

I sincerely hope that our collaboration models will be manufactured to give him and his family pleasant lives.

John D'Angelico Jazz Guitar Archtop Guitar Hauser Family

Hauser beautiful family

Author:Hidesato Shiino