Vol.11 NYL-5 See-through black tune-up model [7.Apr.2019]

We are happy to announce that we obtained the picture of D’Angelico Guitars Traditional NYL-5 prototype. The basic specification is the same as NYL-5 which body is slimmer and easy to handle.

Vol.10 Notification [1.Apr.2019]

In 2012, Hidesato Shiino who is the owner of D'Angelico Guitars Traditional concluded a license agreement with KORG INC. for Manufacturing D'Angelico Ukulele.This is to inform you that the contract terminated in March 31th 2019.

Vol.9 D’Angelico Vestax Guitars[5.Mar.2019]

D’Agenlico Vestax Guitars have been sold all around the world over 3,000 and counting. We, D’Angelico Guitars Traditional have inherited their spirit and manufacture lifelong guitars. 2019, this year is the 30th anniversary from 1989 which Hidesato Shiino began manufacturing replica model D'Angelico guitars.

Vol.8 Mr. Hidesato Shiino: Visionary Founder of H.S. Anderson[17.Feb.2019]

In July of 1853, Commodore Matthew Perry arrived in Tokyo Bay, seeking to establish trading between Japan and the West, and for good reason. For more than a thousand years Japanese goods were created by skilled craftsmen, artful execution and premier materials. The long tradition of inventing, creating and manufacturing are not mere metaphors for Mr. Hidesato Shiino, rather they are precisely his heritage.

Vol.7 The change of the concept of Jazz[10.Feb.2019]

As many of you know, the origin of Jazz is cry of the soul for freedom and the human homing instinct by African people who were brought to America.The first time Jazz came out in the U.S., it was not accepted for a while. However, after it became popular in Europe, American people started to accept it too because they realized it generates a lots of money. In fact, the way of their thoughts led The U.S. rich country from 1960’s.

Vol.6 Shiino tune-up model prototype[24.Jan.2019]

Please check the blog of Vol.11 or click this title!

Vol.5 Russell Malone visited[23.Jan.2019]

Russell Malone visited Japan for performance as a member of Ron Carter Trio on last December and called on Hidesato Shiino’s house.

Vol.4 The evolution of D'Angelico Guitars[6.Nov.2018]

In 1989, to reproduce D’Angelico guitars, I asked Jerry Berberine to lend the most well-built D’Angelico guitar for investigation. Soon afterwards, his daughter, Carol visited Japan and had brought me D guitar which Jerry has preserved for a long time.

Vol.3 Encounter with Hauser family[3.Oct.2018]

I think the first time I visited his house was in 1974. His work shop was located in peaceful village called “Eis-Bach” which takes 30 minutes by foot from the Alps station “Dingolfing” by driving of Hauser the II's car.

Vol.2 Music Report[28.Sep.2018]

7 string D’Angelico guitar holder Fumio Yanatake performed with Satoshi Sasaki at the bar called “Montgomery Land” on September 28th.

Vol.1 The history of musical instrument and others[11.Sep.2018]

Since the late 1970s, musical instrument manufacturers have found success through combining business operations with other companies. Oftentimes part of these corporate pairings, the household handicraft industry has experienced comparable success upon entering the current capitalist economy through these convergences.