The concept of D'Angelico Guitars Traditional

NYL-2 D'Angelico Jazz Guitar Archtop Guitar New Yorker Hollowbody

NYL-2 17" width, 3" depth

NYS-2 D'Angelico Jazz Guitar Archtop Guitar Custom Hollowbody

NYS-2 15.5" width, 3" depth

NYL-5 D'Angelico Jazz Guitar Archtop Guitar Custom Hollowbody

NYL-5 17" width, 2.25" depth

All our products are made in Japan under the supervision of Hidesato Shiino who deeply understands the structure of not only guitars but also other instruments. Splendid instruments can't be manufactured without the knowledge of its internal structure, the nature of trees, their mounting position and so on. The design of the D'Angelico Guitars Traditional is based on achieving beautiful acoustic tones without amplification, that are enriched while plugged in. The unique design allows the string vibration to interact with the wood bridge and hollow body-chamber in such a way that various tones are created within a single instrument. If the violin is the queen of instruments, then the D'Angelico Guitars Traditional has the tone, feel and craftsmanship to be considered the KING.
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D'Angelico only for you

NYL-1TD D'Angelico Guitars Jazz Guitar Archtop Guitars Hollowbody

NYL-1TD Teardrop

We are prepared to meet your demands such as 7 string guitars, 12 string guitars, lefty guitars and so on. However, custom orders require from 6 months to a year to complete. In addition, the price will be higher than regular lines regarding only one production. Custom order which we can accept for now is as follows.

  • Color(It is only limited to D'Angelico's original color)
  • Mark with your initials in Trussrod cover
  • Pickups(Pickups which customers purchase are installable)
  • Unique guitars such as 7 string,12 string, lefty guitars and etc.
  • Installation of volume, tone knobs and supplied hardware.
  • Materials of inlay(silver-lipped pearl, Mexico abalone pearl and etc.)

Materials of body and shape are not changeable. Custom other than the above might be possible so don't hesitate to contact us.

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D'Angelico New Yorker 100th Anniversary

Introduced in 2005, the 100th Anniversary model is a special edition guitar designed to celebrate and commemorate the 100th anniversary of John D'Angelico's birth. With inlays of Mexico abalone pearl and a fully lacquered body, this guitar was designed to age beautifully in both appearance and sound quality. The painted versions of this model include detailed brushwork by the talented porcelain artist Kyoko Kanno, who is of the fourth generation of the famous painter "Yabu Meizan." The sophisticated and masterfully hand-painted Japanese motifs of Kyoko Kanno uphold each 100th Anniversary model not only as objects of beauty with excellent sound quality and utility, but also as art pieces of great cultural value. As such, these hand-painted 100th Anniversary pieces are the first acoustic guitars in the world to include unique compositions and masterful brushwork by a professional painter of such cultural significance. In addition to the excellent live sound quality of these arch top guitars, their elegant brushwork and detailing give rise to an exemplary guitar model unquestionably worthy enough to mark the centennial celebration of John D'Angelico's influence.

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